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Pasifik Group

AGP Company, also known as PT. Aman Global Pacific, was established in 2007. With its rapid growth and development due to Indonesia aggressive expansion in mining and infrastructure, AGP genuinely provides high quality constructions and mining equipments in various projects development across Indonesia.


Established in 2007, AGP aim to be the best mining and construction equipment provider in Indonesia through satisfying our customer. Our motto is “TODAY INVEST TOMORROW HARVEST”. We develop our best today and everyday to add real value to the business of our customers. AGP genuinely bring the latest innovation of Hydraulic Breaker, Stone Bucket Crusher, Crane, Compressor, Sheet Pile Driver and Light Towers.

Company History


– AGP Established as Construction and mining equipment company.


– Imported first hydraulic Breaker brand TNH from Korea.

– Apprinted as sole distributor for TNH in Indonesia region.


– Participate first mining Indonesia Expo in Jakarta.


– Open first branch in Surabaya.

– Appointed as sole distributor for Sullivan Palatek.

– AJCE started its first shipment to AGP, Indonesia.


– Participate in Intermat, France, Paris as visitor.

– Participate in Mining Indonesia 2011 as exhibitor


– PT. Pasifik Multi Utama, is Established as Contractor Company.

– Participate as visitor in Bauma, Munich.

– Apprinted as sole Distributor for MB Crusher Bucket.

– Imported the first Crusher Bucket, MB from Italy.


– Participate as Extibitor in Mining Indonesia, Jakarta

– PT. Pasifik Karya Perkasa established and engage in large equipment such as wheel loader, material handling equipment, etc


– Opened second Branch in Cilegon.


– Co-operate with SCM ( Sichuan Construction Machinery ) Tower Crane, China

– Co-operate with Royal Forklift, China

– Restructuring Management

– Participate in Mining Indonesia Exhibitor



– Appointed as Exclusive dealer for ensign Wheel Loader

– Started to import ensign Wheel Loader



Thanks and regards success.

First of all I thank the Almighty God who has given us the opportunity to AGP to provide services to all our customers. I also thank my parents were always praying for me, giving support and advice to build. Then I also thank all our customers who have given us the opportunity to provide service and support in the field of mining and construction equipment.

Thanks also to all our principal who has provided training assistance to us. Hopefully AGP can always provide better services and develop technology together.

Seven years I have led this company, much experience has no value. The lesson that I did not get in school, feelings of joy and sorrow we've been through together. The more obstacles the maturing of this company will grow. We have four branches scatter throughout Indonesia, more than 10 products we distribute. 2015 was a very difficult year for all industries, but we can pass through smoothly without any obstacles at all. Many are envious of the AGP, because it stems from a reliable four brothers, the company was able to grow into one of the famous company.

I have always appealed to all employees that we must always positioned itself as a buyer, what will be the buyer of the product to be bought? Buyers are always okay cheap price, super quality, and excellent service, which is run by the AGP.

I always instill throughout the network of friends in the mining and construction industry, thanks to the help of friends in the same industry we can grow. Dispose sense arrogant, haughty and arrogant, then everyone will help us without encouraged.

Some strategies and accomplishments will be achieved by the AGP in the future. Soon the waiting shock from AGP to support the mining and construction tools. Immediately contact us.


"Do your things right, Everything else will follow"


Head Office

Jl. Kapuk Kamal Raya No. 28
Kapuk Business Park Blok AF, North Jakarta 14470, Indonesia
Telp: +6221 5596 3889, Fax: +6221 5596 3890

General Engineering

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Medan. Jakarta. Cilegon. Surabaya. Makasar

Hotline Service 24 hour:

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Email: info@agpcompany.com

Sparepart and Customer Service (Technical):

Email: Support@agpcompany.com

Business Co-operation:

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To be the leading world class mining & heavy equipment provider in Indonesia.

AGP aims to offer high-quality heavy equipment machinery for the commercial construction and mining industry at a price which is competitive in comparison to other premium-quality commercial machinery manufacturers in the market. The management of AGP believes there is a current untapped market opportunity because  existing providers of construction machinery are too diversified to serve the increasingly specialized needs of the commercial construction segment, and  the incorporation of greater precision controls within such machinery will greater serve the needs of this segment of the construction machinery industry.